plenary lecturers

  • Mohammad ELAHINIA
    Prof. at the University of Toledo (USA)
    Title: “What we have learned in the last ten years of Additive Manufacturing of NiTi”
  • Yinong LIU
    Prof. at the University of Western Australia, Perth (Australia)
    Title: “High-strength superelasticity over a large temperature window with extraordinary mechanical energy output”
    Prof. at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Germany)
    Title: “A unifying perspective of common motifs that occur across disparate classes of materials harboring displasive phase transitions”
  • Huseyin SEHITOGLU
    Prof. at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (USA)

    Title: “Thermodynamic rationale for transformation-induced slip in shape memory alloys”

  • Hanus SEINER
    Prof. at the Institute of Thermomechanics, Czech Academy of Sciences (Czech Republic)

    Title: “Kwinks in NiTi – unraveling the plastic forming mechanism in B19′ martensite”

invited speakers

  • Sebastian Fähler
    PD Dr. at Institute of Ion Beam Physics and Materials Research
    Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf (HZDR) (Germany)
    Title: “Martensitic transformations in finite size and at finite time”
  • Oleg Heczko
    Dr. Ing. at the FZU-Institute of Physics Czech Academy of Science, Prague (Czech Republic)
    Title: “Supermobility of twin boundaries in modulated martensites”
  • Tomonari Inamura
    Prof. at the Institute of Innovative Research, Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
    Title: “Triplet condition: Another supercompatibility condition for suppressing transformation-induced dislocation in shape memory alloy”
  • Ibrahim Karaman
    Prof. at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Texas A&M University (USA)
    Title: “Unexpected mechanical and functional behavior in shape memory alloys beyond shape memory and superelasticity”
  • Benat Kockar
    Prof. at the Hacettepe University, Department of Mechanical Engineering,  Ankara, (Turkiye)
    Title: “Creep and Functional Fatigue Behaviors of NiTiHf Shape Memory Alloys for High Temperature Applications”
  • Klara Lünsen
    Dr. at the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Universitat de Barcelona, Barcelona (Spain)
    Title: “Martensitic microstructure in NiTi – what we can learn from epitaxial films”
  • Minoru Nishida
    Prof. Emeritus at the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University (Japan)
    Title: “Effect of hydrogen on the transformation behaviors in Ti-Ni alloys”
  • Elena Pereloma
    Prof. at the School of Mechanical, Materials, Mechatronic and Biomedical Engineering, University of Wollongong (Australia)
    Title: “Microstructure and mechanical properties of Ti-15%Mo-O alloys manufactured by laser metal deposition”
  • Lorenza Petrini 
    Prof. at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)
    Title: “Fatigue life assessment of Ni-Ti cardiovascular devices”
  • Giulia Scalet 
    Prof. at the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture, University of Pavia (Italy)
    Title: “Recent advances in additive manufacturing and constitutive modeling of shape memory polymers”


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